Art & Ceramics For The Home



Everything started while I was working at an indie punk label. I was also pursuing my love of clay; I graduated from CSULB in 1998 with my BFA in Ceramics and in 2002 made the transition to pursue my love of making art.

I love painting as much as I love working in clay. My ceramics are functional and are designed to be usable pieces. I draw inspiration from my love of mid-century modern aesthetics to create pieces for the home.

I want people to have a piece that brings them joy so I try to design and execute pieces that are modern, fresh and can add life to a space.


I create and produce work that I would want to display in my own house-I try to remain true to that.

Light is the inspiration behind my paintings. The light that shines out of the fractured and the broken. I am moved by hope and try to convey that on canvas through images incorporating birds, trees, flowers, numbers and colors. Images that convey vulnerability and trust speak to me the most.